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“Everyone once, once only. Just once and no more. And we also once. Never again. But this having been once, although only once, to have been of the earth, seems irrevocable.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

In Visible Light invites viewers to embark on a transformative cinematic ride, immersing them in a multisensory experience of vibrant colors, dynamic movements, and resonant vibrations. This audio visual venture delves into the unseen forces that power our world, challenging traditional film formats and ushering audiences into an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. By unveiling the visible manifestations of this intangible force, the performance seeks to mend the severed connection between the genesis and consumption of electricity, between the natural and the artificial, the image and the picture.

The heart of this work lies in its innovative approach to filmmaking. Straying from conventional human-to-human communication, it embraces the act of creation itself as a profound dialogue between the filmmaker and the unseen world of electricity. Instead of relying on conventional narratives or information dissemination, the film-performance intricately weaves meaning through the poetic observation of electrical current, harnessing the power of live editing to weave together a tapestry of visuals that evoke wonder and introspection.

The journey begins with the capturing of the very processes that give rise to electricity—air, water, and fire—transcending the screen to become a living canvas of creation. From these elemental origins, the performance shifts its gaze to trace the journey of current through intricate infrastructures that traverse both natural landscapes and urban environments, including power lines.The grand finale unveils the enthralling moment of electricity's consumption within bustling cities.


Through live editing, the performance transforms the act of consumption into a dynamic symphony of energy and light, bridging the gap between technology and humanity.

In Visible Light challenges the boundaries of cinema, merging the worlds of film and live artistry into a harmonious whole. As viewers become part of this living canvas, they are invited to rediscover the profound connections that lie beneath the surface of our technologically advanced lives.

The facts
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Distinguished for his exploration of the moving image's role within society and a profound interest in the evolutionary trajectory of motion in cinematic expression, Gianmarco Donaggio (b. 1991, Italy) stands as a hybrid figure in avant-garde filmmaking. Following an extensive and technical career covering diverse roles in the cinematography department, he embarked on a transformative journey into the realms of experimentation within the motion picture. The intricacies unexplored possibilities of the cinematic medium have captivated Donaggio, propelling him to traverse the intricate forest of cinematic expression with a balance of intuition and critical analysis, merging his academic background in Visual Culture with his technical knowledge of cinematography. Through his cinematic endeavours, he beckons audiences to challenge, disrupt, and transcend the culturally and historically entrenched assumptions that have shaped the art of filming.
At the heart of Donaggio’s research lies his fascination for the kinetic, bare movement, the motion intended as the necessary and primer element of cinema, an element which is investigated through unconventional recording methodologies in his works. His film and video installations have graced the screens of prestigious international film festivals and contemporary art institutions, resonating with audiences worldwide. Notable among these are appearances at the Berlinale, Biennial of Art of Alentejo - BIALE, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, the National Museum of Soares dos Reis in Porto, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, Palazzo Fondi in Naples, the Pesaro International Film Festival of New Cinema, the Asolo Art Film Festival, and the Athens Digital Arts Festival.

As a filmmaker who challenges convention and stimulates discourse, Donaggio continues to shape the discourse of cinematic expression and visual culture, inviting audiences to explore new horizons and embrace the transformative power of the moving image.

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"Life is like a current passing from germ to germ through the medium of a developed organism itself were only an excrescence, a bud caused to sprout by a former germ endeavouring to continue progress indefi- nitely pursued, an invisible progress, on which each visible organism rides during the short interval of time given it to live."

Bergson, H., Creative Evolution

In the ceaseless ebb and flow of modern life, there exists an unseen tapestry that binds the kinetic energies of nature, the intricate dance of infrastructures, and the luminous canvases of our screens. This tapestry is woven by the invisible currents of electricity, a force that travels from the heart of natural elements to the very essence of our digital existence. Within this intricate flux lies a profound beauty, a beauty that celebrates connection, interdependence, and the vital cycle of energy.

From the gentle rustle of leaves to the thunderous cascade of waterfalls, nature's kinetic energy births the origins of electrical current. These primal rhythms, often overlooked, cascade into a symphony of motion that sparks life into the grid. The hum of power lines, the delicate currents coursing through circuits, unite the marvels of human ingenuity with the legacy of Earth's forces. The culmination of this dance manifests on our screens, those glowing portals to a digital realm. With every image, every video, we bear witness to the outcome of this harmonious choreography. Yet, understanding the materiality of the process of electricity is an imperative step towards embracing the true depth of this connection. It reminds us that the pixels that dance before us are not merely abstract patterns but the embodiment of energy harnessed from natural resources.

This understanding invites us to embark on a transformative journey of conscious consumption. It calls upon us to be mindful of the energy that powers our digital interactions and to recognize the profound link between our actions and the health of our planet. Just as the kinetic energy of nature converges into the infrastructure of electricity, our choices converge into a collective impact, a ripple that resonates across ecosystems.

In tracing the beauty of connection in the flux of electricity, we celebrate the symphony of existence, an ode to the interplay of elements, innovation, and consciousness. Let us hold this beauty close, cherishing the bond that ties us to nature, technology, and the limitless potential of the human spirit.

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